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Collection: Lever on Backplate

Buying door handles online is always a hassle but we at Infinity Decor will solve this problem for you now. One platform with all kinds of designs and functions of the lever on backplate handles your search ends here.

Our lever on backplates is always a go to, from their contemporary design to their quality, you’ll never go wrong. Buy the Design that matches your Home from our Lever on Backplate Collection at an affordable price.

Whether you want it for the bathroom, bedroom, or living room we have it all so that you don’t have to wander around. Manufactured from premium material and expert craftmanship with unbeatable quality and mechanism our handle is an all-rounder.

Check out our lever on backplate collection we have covered the most popular traditional as well as modern elegant designs which are exceptionally beautiful and available in a wide range of finishes to match any interior decor.

We have so many types of lever on backplate door handles such as lock handle for key locking, latch handle for normal door latching, and privacy handle they can be used perfectly for any bathroom or bedroom door where privacy is required without a bathroom lock as the inner mechanism close by itself, bathroom handle used with bathroom locks, euro handle for euro lock mechanism.

They come with heavy duty springs for smooth movement, allowing the handle to return to its original position after use. The handles with smooth surfaces and lever are designed to be ergonomically comfortable and easy to grip for an effortless door opening and closing for easy, even for those with limited hand strength or mobility.

These door handles have a universal fit, making them compatible with most standard doors. Designed to suit a variety of door types including wood, metal, and uPVC. Suitable for both residential and commercial settings and can be used on both left and right-handed doors.

Supplied in pairs for both sides of the door with complete fixings for easy and hassle-free installation. Our handles are finished with a protective coating that makes them weatherproof and prevents rust and corrosion so they don’t fade or tarnish which makes them durable for a long life use.

Now get yours and enhance the beauty of your doors while adding security with our gorgeous lever on backplate door handles.